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OMG Update!
Just an update to let you guys know that 1) I'm not dead, and that 2) I'm doing quite well and will be graduating soon. Wow, I can't believe it's been 4 years already. I started Resonance Connection in high school, and now, my college years are almost over. I still haven't gotten around to writing more tutorials yet unfortunately. Maybe I'll pick it up again this summer when I'm not busy. Anyways, just wanted to reaffirm my existence.
Piano Links
Sorry guys. It's been 2 years since I last updated. I've been busy with school and med school applications this summer. Well, that's my excuse... Anyway, here's a link to David's awesome piano website:
Piano Play It - Free online piano lessons for beginners who want to read notes and play their favorite pop and jazz songs!
It's informative and definitely worth checking out.
Finished Unfaithful lesson. Next lesson will probably be Love Story because I realized that I already started on that before I left on a year long hiatus.
Finally an update
I can't believe it's been a year since I updated. The layout still has some problems with div's aligning. I don't know how the site looks on other browsers. Good news is I've been getting regular traffic, which means more I have incentive to put effort into new content. I'm working on arranging Unfaithful by Rihanna next, so that will be the quick lesson.
Also, I'm trying to set up wordpress so I don't have to reupload my main page every time I update.
It's New! And it's optimized!
Layout 4
After 2 days of hard work, I've totally REVAMPed this site layout. Now, the site looks cleaner, simpler, and NOT stuck in the 90's. And, I've used entirely div's, NOT tables, and I built it out of scratch on a dull Friday night, save for a few helpful tutorials. This layout has a fluid middle column, so layout keeps it shape even when the window is minimized, (except when the window is small). The site is also super-optimized. This whole page is only 12 KB plus a couple more for pictures, and only 2 main images were used (!!!). So here it is... V4!
Happy Thanksgiving!
So the original release of the new layout was supposed to be on the 18th, but I hadn't anticipated some problems with transforming the past pages into their current format. So, it's being releasd today. Happy Thanksgiving!
Layout 3.4
Layout 3.4
Layout 3.4 is released! Not a big change, though the colors go together nicely.

Well, I thought I'd update after awhile. After all the empty, well not all empty, promises. Yes, at the time, I had planned many updates, but then, things happened. And I admit it: I'm a procrastinator. Though of course, I will try to do all in my power to stay on schedule and break this lousy habit. Unfortunately, however, I probably won't update until December because I'll be busy with school and such. :(